Posted on: February 3, 2009 6:36 pm

Cardinals Defiant to the End

As someone who has lived in Arizona for a decade and followed the Cardinals but not actually staked "fan-ship" in them, I think it is time for everyone to admit they were wrong at some point in the season.

I admit I was wrong until about week 6 in which point I started believing in them all the way to the end of the Super Bowl.  But it did indeed take me until week 6 to get on board; and it wasn't an easy pill to swallow.  I'd say there were clumps of bandwagon hop-ons at different points in the season, almost like crowds of people trying to board at bus stops along the line.  But unless you are part of the absolutely tiny population that are true Cardinals fans or you still think the Cardinals are worthless, you should admit the mistake no matter how you view it: 1) just didn't see it coming 2) doubted their talent 3) doubted their ability to play in tough games against tough teams.  Whatever you want to call it.. most of us must admit we were wrong.

-People that said the Cardinals were by far the worst team in the playoffs and had no business being there- admit you were wrong.

-People that said every single round of the playoffs that the Cardinals would get thoroughly defeated- admit you were wrong.

-People who said that there was no way that the Cardinals could come close to beating the Steelers in the Super Bowl and that it would be an easy win for the Steelers- admit you were wrong.

-People like Freeman who said stupid things like "the Cardinals didn't win the NFC Championship Game, the Eagles lost it" or that the Super Bowl would have the lowest ratings ever since the CARDINALS were it and obviously the Steelers were going to dominate- admit you were wrong.  Because not only did the Cardinals make the game very close.. they almost won.  And it was just announced that this was the most watched Super Bowl in history.

So here I am saying I was wrong at one point.  And now it's your turn...

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